Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Odakalu Bimba

been to Girish karnads new play "Odakalu Bimba" last week at Ranga Shankara, play was good as pretty much impressed by the way modern technology was used to convey the message. For those who missed both kannada/english versions, guess they organize for a rerun of the play :-)

well, talking about Ranga Shankara, its he place for theater lovers in Banlgalore built in memory of "Shankar the Boss"

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Been to BigBs latest "Black", a must watch for all,
both BigB and rani have scaled so well.. its really too good.. must watch folks!

I am posting this after some "lull" ;-) so will keep it short and simple.

Warm hug and a great kiss

couldnt post for few days, err..... couple of months to be correct,

been to a school for disabled kids last month with a relative of mine, came thru true wonderful moments of my life when the teacher met her student after a few years of gap! she welcomed with a big hug and a great kiss, never seen such a affection and warmth in my life so far! was really touchy.

wasnt able to put the photos as promised.. will do it shortly ;-)
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