Monday, November 23, 2009

I am back again..

Hmm... finally I was able to catch up on things which I always yearned for, but for some reason or the other wasn't able to do it.
This weekend, I started reading again and did a bit of gardening too..
I have always this debate with my better half, on how many books she has managed to read from my library and How many books I have bought and not even bothered to dust them.
Finally this weekend , to put the case to rest! I started with something light.. and picked one of those "Tom Clancy's Op center" series.
But destiny had some thing else in mind ;-), next day I bumped on series on Vijayanagara Kingdom's history, and got so engrossed that, I managed to finish couple of them over the weekend :-)

Well.....would like to keep the enthu alive and kicking.

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