Friday, April 24, 2009

Sar Pass: Here I come..........

Coming week I am heading for a 10 day long trek to Sar pass, Himachal Pradesh. Supposedly one of the best treks which YHAI ( Youth Hostel Association of India) offers. I am eagerly looking forward for this new adventure and getting ready with my travel gear for this. Only sad point is that Chandu, who initiated this trip will not be around.


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Friday, April 03, 2009

An evening eat out.........

This was the place where we used to hang out most during bachelor days......

This was the place that used feed us after doing night outs @ office......

This was the place we were planning to hang out from last 6 months for a get together and some real good fun!! And finally it happened.

• While we were whiling away our time waiting for few others to join, we thought time is better spent with a plate of Corn Masala :-) This is a special delicacy with a mixture of fruits, babycorn, corn and masala of your choice served on a platter

• After everybody arrived at the venue, it was time to kick start the Junk food marathon! We all went to the beginning of the street and started err… re-started with “Paddu”. An authentic karnataka delicacy made of "Dose hittu". I am sure some time later Sum will post this on her blog!

• Then it was some time for some “time pass items”, we had Tikki Puri and Boti Masala, which were indeed very yummy!!

• Next stop was right at the next door for some Crunching Capsicum Bajji, Balekai Bajji and some hot Bondas!

• Then it was time for traditional Idli & chutney with butter as toppings! My friend says these are the softest idlies made in Bangalore! Well I beg to differ with him since I think my mom makes the softest Idlies on earth :-)

• After all that junk, now it was some time cool our “Stomachs” with Masala Mirinda

• At this point most of us felt we were full! But couldn’t resist the site of Masala Doasas at the next shop! Double roasted with ghee were crispy and yummy and was a real treat to eat

• Aha! Now some desserts and in the fight between Basundi and Jilebi, Basundi won hands down!

• Well, a single desert is not good enough, you need to have more! The last shop in the street has some really good fruit salad with Ice cream with Gulkan

• Finally, it was time to say good bye to our eat-out in a traditional way! The reason it’s called traditional is that normally we end with some soda to wash away all atrocities on our stomach. The only difference this time was that we washed it twice during this eat out :-)

If you are wondering if I could digest all these! well.. I did.. and I knew it the very next day ……
If you want to know this favorite hangout! well, it’s the famous Chat Street @ VV Puram.
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