Sunday, August 21, 2005

A ticket for Dell please :-)

After getting inspired by my fellow colleague, finally one day I decided to travel to work by BMTC(Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Coroporation- means for public transport in bangalore). This was second such instance where in I choose to travel to office by BMTC, was really in for suprises that day..

as ticket collector approached me for a ticket, hesitantly I asked him to for a ticket to SatyaSai hospital( which is near my office)... then I was really in for suprise. The next guy who took ticket asked "oNdu ticket Dell gE kodi" ( a ticket for Dell please) and the next one got the ticket for "GE" :-) .. Boy! was in for really suprise here! wont be suprised to the bus stops in Bangalore IT world named after software companies :-)

good thing is that a good number of bangalorians using rather beginning to use Public Transport system :-)
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