Sunday, November 28, 2010

Khuri ->Jaisalmer->Jodhpur->Ajmer->Pushkar->Jaipur - I

After deciding to go with Rajasthan for this seasons trip, we were bit skeptical about the travel arrangements and place of stay etc. But a thorough research and advice from friends and seasoned travelers helped us. We decided to go all the way up to Jaisalmer (from Jaipur)in train and from there traverse back to Jaipur covering the circuit within 6 days. As soon as we got down from the train @ Jaisalmer, we were mobbed up group of taxi drivers and rickshawallahs, nevertheless we hired a shared auto to Bus stand, All through the journey Auto driver told us how people cheat tourists and but finally dropped us in front of hotel /restaurant and was pushing us to go and have a look there! Commission business rules here! You should make a plan and stick to it. After having a enjoyable stay at Badal House @ Khuri, we headed to Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer the “Golden city” has good tourist attractions.

Jaisalmer State Emblem

A doll shop out side Ghadisar Lake: You will find a variety of these shops in the city but you will have to wear a good bargaining hat out here!
Ghadisar Lake was built as a source of water for the Jaisalmer city, the lake is quite large and is a good spot for birding as well. It has a complex of the temples both on the shores and in the center. Boat rides early in the morning and evenings offer a good view of the fort and other monuments around.
A view of the Ghadisar lake.
Most of city looks painted in Golden color.

Lord Rama with a beard :-) May be sculptor thought after "Vanavasa" Rama should have grown a beard.
Jaisalmer Fort(Sonar Killa). Being strategically located in the Arab trade route, Jaisalmer fort occupies an important place in Indian history. As the guide said, during those days if anyone has reached Jaisalmer on camel it was considered to be a major achievement.

City as seen through the fort.

One can still see the stone armoury around the fort, which was used to defend the attacks on the fort.

Unlike other forts, still a significant population lives inside the thriving fort. You will be greeted with lot of guides as you enter the road which leads to the fort, but we found that the guides available inside the fort museum are more knowledgeable, authentic and affordable. The fort is still under the control of current Maharaja, the fort and the museum inside is run by a Trust under Maharaja.

A Busy street inside the fort

Eat out: Desert Bytes is a good vegetarian resturant, which offered us delicious idly, sambar

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  1. thanks for the good article. I had a treat of rajasthan with photos .thanks for that.

  2. Thanks balu.. I was thinking Rajastan would be dry.. but its really picturesque


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