Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Bridge on the................

Daily I have to cross this great divide.. for my piece of bread and butter and leaving.. living :)
- I always wanted to blow up this bridge one day!
- I always wished one day this bridge would collapse on its own.. ending traffic woes... err.. rather making more..
- I always hoped some good sense will prevail

Well, on my last visit to bangalore saw a signboard and now finally the good news.. (see attached PIC)..

Hopefully, ppl wont drag this too loooong as they have done.. and hopefully this will ease the traffic and makes things better...

All I can do right now.. is hope.... hope.. and hope

On the lighter side, watchout the first point..
"All IT,BPO/Call Centre and goods transport vehicles....".. How true!!!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Monday, June 12, 2006

Being Honest .. Being Indian and Being Aamir

Hats off Gentleman!

CNN-IBN Special

I remember one incident when we are doing Eye donation campaign in our campus, one young girl, supposedly MBA grad came to us

Girl: Ok, so if I donate my eyes, will the recipient know about donor? Or will I know about the recipient?

US: No! Both will never know about each other.

Girl: hmmmmmm... why?

Me: It’s the matter of policy! Hence you will never know about it.

Girl: Then... Who will give me...? Blessings?

Pradeep: Maaam.. "It’s Blessing in disguise"

Girl: hmm... Ok... I am not interested in pledging...

US: Thanks (Just Get out of here...)...

This makes me think, how an educated fellow is so possessive about her belongings even after the death!
No wonder why people in Narmada valley are fighting/fasting after loosing there livelihood... No wonder why people like Medha tayi.. .. supporting them in achieving their cause.. No wonder.. why......

Well, Kudos to Aamir for taking that stance against "Mighty Modi" :-)
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