Thursday, April 12, 2007

Getting nostalgic...

Dont you feel nostalgic when suddenly bump on something which you used to enjoy during our childhood days?? Well Yes!! Few days back while surfing the TV bumped on to some programme which featured few old ads from the Doordarshan ERA which took me back few years.. The concept and theme of this ads are so simple but still elegant they have created to an unimaginable impressions on the minds of people. Few of my all time favourites..

1. Bajaj Bulbs and Tubes: Jab my chota baccha tha.. Badi shararat kartha tha.. meri chori pakadi jaathi... Tab roshan tha Bajaj..

2. Lifebuoy: Tandurusthi ki raksha karta hai lifebyoy... Lifebuoy hai jahan.. tandurshi hai vaha..

3. Liril: Than refreshing LIRIL add.. wow... it was so good.

4. Bajaj: Yeh jameen Yeh asmaan... Hamara kal Hamara aaaj.. buland Bharath ki buland tasveer... Hamara... bajaj..

5. Another add which was based on the song.. " Gaadi bula rahee hai.. seeti baja rahi hai.." I dont remember the brand though..

6. Nirma: "Washing poweder nirma..." with that dancing kid...

and what about the inspirational ones.. few ads based on national integrity and unification..

1. Famous cartoon song of Didi and few kids " Ek our Anek": "Ek tithali.. anek thithaliya.."

2. And finally the one for national integrity "Mile sur merah tumhara.." featuring all great personalities from India..

hmmmmm.. went back to olden & golden days???? Good.. :-)
Btw what are your favourites?
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