Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fluttering by Pondi

This post is from archives of our trip to Pondicherry and Point Calimere during October/November 2011.  We didn't spot any other butterflies in Point Calimere other than Roses but Pondicherry had lots to offer. Here is the butterfly post, birding post yet to come.
Do enjoy the pics, comments and corrections are welcome as always. And Thanks Rohit for helping out in correcting the ID's.

Common Bushbrown

Common Wanderer  Common Gull
Small Cupid   Plain Cupid

Three-spot Grass Yellow

Common Emigrant

Common Jezebel

Blue Tiger

Plains Cupid  Small Cupid
Jewel Bug amongst the butterflies
Tawny Coster
Blue Tiger

Common Crow
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