Monday, November 12, 2007

Chasing the Monsoon – Jog Falls @ its Best

Spending considerable time of my life in MalNad, I had only a few opportunities to see the Jog falls at its full glory or near its full glory. I must say as years are passing by its slowly on the decline.

So this time around with monsoon zooming, I had a flash trip to Shimoga to savor good moments with river Sharavathi in her full glory. Only sad point of the trip was that I lost a precious mobile which was gifted by my brother :( Sorry Bro!

Snaps from Jog.


  1. Wonderful pics of the Jog. Sadly, when we visited it towards the end of Aug (after a whole lot of hype in the papers abt the Jog returning to it's full glory after 12 years), the waterfall had become a trickle once again. :(

  2. Hi

    Thanks for stopping by :)

    Yes, Its just a matter of luck that we were able to see Jog @full glory,
    In fact just couple of days before the visit water was released from the dam.


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