Monday, August 08, 2011

Butterflies at BRT

Whenever we go for birding trips, these winged beauties used to evoke lot of interest. However I used to shrugg it off and say that these will be difficult to capture, they are on the move always etc etc..... But during recent trip to BR Hills we made a serious attempt to capture them and start understanding as well.

Crimson Rose Common Mormon (Female). Thanks Karthik for correction.

As we drove uphill towards BR Hills, the morning was pleasant and colorful. Monsoon has brought lot of life. During the entire up hill journey , we could notice large number of butterflies flying around. Some of them were victims too on the road. We did rescue few of them and proceeded further.

Plain Tiger

"It must have rained heavily yesterday" I said, seeing the such a large number of butterflies around. As later we figured out, there was indeed heavy rains the previous night and butterflies were out in huge numbers the next day. I am yet to figure out this connection between the rains and butterflies!

Tawny Rajah

As we reached BR Hills, Digwas mentioned that he had seen butterflies in thousands near a gorge on the way to BR hills from KGudi. We decided to head there straight away, but butterflies were not waiting for us there:( But the afternoon/evening drive really gave us a good snapshot of butterflies in BR Hills.

Here is Common Nawab, must be pretty common :-) Though we could find only a few here.

Lemon Pansy

Lime Butterfly

Chocolate Pansy

Three Spot Grass Yellow

Common Leopard

Dragon fly

Dragon fly

Common Four Ring

Orchid Tit - Thanks Karthik for help and information. Its a rare find in BR Hills, This was shot near the pond between K Gudi and BR hills (Near the watch tower).
Season - End of May 2011.

Plain Banded Awl - Thanks Karthik/Kishen for helping out.


  1. Enjoyed the post very much...keep them coming!

  2. Oh you got a rarity in there! Keep posting deepak

  3. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  4. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  5. Yeah Chandu.. as per Guru-G its a rarity..

    Thank you Kalyan. Thanks for visiting.


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