Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Delhi Metro triperience (Trip+experience=triperience )

Well, I am starting this tripierence in reverse chronological order just to avoid scratching my head. I always loath to take notes when I travel but being too lazy never taken one so far!!! Now coming to the point, enroute to Uttranchal we had planned couple of days in Delhi. Initially we had a plan to experience the metro during our onward journey, but thanks to Delhi traders it was realized only during our arrival.

What really nice to see with metro is the sophistication, the clean and neat environment, timeliness with which it runs and of course the cost which is very affordable. A perfect showcase of emerging India built and executed to international standards by DMRC. Unlike in Mumbai, You won’t see garbage lying around the track, you won’t see that dammed MAD crowd, and you won’t see the stations with people and garbage alike.

Apparently while reading a newspaper report last week realized that the benefits of this project are measured in terms of Economic IRR rather than Financial IRR. Well in layman’s terms the benefits are not measured in terms of when does this project achieves break even in terms of expenditures incurred or When does this project starts making money and becomes profitable? But in terms of how much this project saves/contributes to society in terms of less number of vehicles or road, less number of accidents, amount of fuel saved its contribution in reducing the environmental pollution etc. Btw DMRC has advertised the Economic IRR it has achieved in few of its stations.

Have a look at the report on Social Cost Benefit analysis of Delhi Metro.. Now I am eagerly waiting for the launch of Namma Metro with loads of optimism.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

After a Looooong Break...

Hmm.. I Kept wondering what kept me busy.... work? personal life? or my lazyness??? .. well never bother.. no justifications.. I am back again for good :-)

Well couple of weeks back had a chance to visit anniversary celeberations of my Music school. It was good show given that the average of singers on the stage was around 10~12. When I was going to the school I had seen the very same kids doing mistakes and learing during the process.
But then on this day they managed to put up a very good show:-) Thanks to their teachers Harish and Divakar. Couple of songs were really presented really well....

Nanage Avasaravilla (I wish my better half sings this for me .. every time I go late ;-) and Amma ninna edeYaladalli.
Btw.. I had even forgot that I have completed 2 Years of blogging now :-) Hopefully will write more on this space..

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