Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ajmer, Pushkar and Jaipur

The drive from Jodhpur to Ajmer was again by a taxi, enroute you can find lot of mining activity around. With the proposed 6 line highway coming up, the last leg of the journey to Ajmer was full of traffic. Had a quick darshan at Dargah and headed out to Pushkar. It was before Diwali and the streets of Ajmer were at its best. By the time we reached our hotel lake view Pushkar, we were pretty exhausted.

Water in the sacred lake wasn’t so clear, and locals informed us lake was degraded and thanks to good monsoon last year now lake is slowly getting back its glory. I was also told that the local administration officials have taken water conservation measures to restore the lake. Food is not at all a problem with every other building serving multi cuisine food.
Then the drive to Jaipur was less painful, since it was on 6 line expressway and we reached Cosy Homes @ Jaipur run by a gentleman Mr. Mahesh Tikku. Truly speaking, during this trip we dedicated very less time to Jaipur and just thought we will have Jaipur as a pit stop!
The booking @ Cosy homes was done by Sum and we didn’t contact him further after the booking, that left Mr Tikko wondering who is this Sumana from South India coming for just one day trip to Jaipur? Is she coming with her mother? Sister? friend ? or is she married? If married why her husband didn’t book this? Well… once we reached there, we really had a great fun talking about this, and also found that Mr Tikku is father of Sum’s ex colleague. Then we thought rather than planning all by ourselves, we should have surely called Mr Tikku and planned our trip. Nevertheless.. surely next time I visit cosy homes, Mr Tikku , I will make sure we will call you and plan our trip. Jaipur was at its best on Diwali eve, We shopped and return to Cosy home , planning for come and visit Jaipur Again!!!!

Lake view Pushkar is a medium budget hotel, which is right in the market area just next to the ghats. Offers a good view of lake around and one can enjoy the mornings and evenings sitting quietly at the terrace. Also has a roof top restaurant which offers quite a variety and tasty food. Non vegetarian food and liquor is not served at Pushakar , veggies can hop in to any hotel or restaurant. The Hotel is run by a gentleman Mr Raghu Pareekh, who also runs another good resort nearby.

Cosy Homes is a wonderful home stay I must say!! It was a home away from home for us. Albeit short, we had an enjoyable stay and I should admit food was fabulous. Situated in the heart of the city, in the calm residential area of Jaipur, Cosy home offers a great value. Hospitality, great room, friendly nature of Mr Tikku’s family will definitely bowl you over.

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