Saturday, February 23, 2008


Well this time it was a casual or I must say a relaxing trip to Coorg along with the family with the sole aim of unwinding from the hectic life :-). The first stop was @ Nanjanagud, 20 Kms from Mysore, famous for Nanjundeshwara temple. As we managed to reach the temple pretty early during the day, the magnificent view of the main gopura basking in the morning sun caught my attention.I realizing now that I must have paid little more attention to avoid the lamp post on the left hand side :(.

Then, what caught my attention was these ladies who were selling some pooja items. What made my curious were these smoke pots which were fuming smoke. Probably next time, I should checkout the significance of these fuming pots :-)

The Next stop was Bylakuppe, one of the largest Tibetian settlements in India and home to Namdroling Monastery. This is my second visit to this wonderful land of Tibet @ the heart of Karnataka. You have everything from shining gold structures, the fluttering flags of various colors, rhythmic drum beats with the background melody of pipes but for the snow capped peaks of Himalayas.

Finally we reached the destination!!! Though on the expensive side, the CLUB Mahindra resort @ Coorg is one of the excellent facilities I have visited so far. Be it the ambience, surroundings, the landscape, accommodation, be it anything, this place scores. After spending two fun filled and relaxing days we headed back to Bangalore. On our way back we had good time @ Cauvery Nisargadhama near Kushala Nagara

Check out for the Club Mahindra, Kodagu Valley Resort here.


  1. Haven't been to Nanajangud yet, though I have passed by many times. Should give a visit.

  2. Yeah..Aruna..
    There are ample chances for your level of creativity :-)
    Alle ello.. triveni sangama ide.. alli there is something similar to Kumbha mela agatte..

    Alligu omme hogu..:-)

  3. Oh yeah, I've been to Coorg too but not to Bylakuppe & Nanjangud. Seems like those have to be put on my travel list now. :-)

  4. this route through mysore, these all places are tourist interest places as in know. But i haven't been to nanjangud. I know nanjangud also tourist place. You can get rest of the info here > > Coorg Tourism


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