Friday, September 09, 2011

Butterflies, Bucks and Bugs at Nannaj

Three days spent at Nannaj really went in a jiffy! Every outing out there had lot of surprises. Presenting the photo feature of bucks, butterflies and other mammals at Nannaj.

Awesome Foursome!! This gang of four Male Bucks were grazing around. So far we haven't seen more than one male black buck in a group. There were juveniles also in the group!
Black Naped Hare - shot at night
Indian Bull frog???- They were pretty huge! Two of them sitting near a lake
A for Ant hill B for Black Buck .. Thanks for posing
Beetle - Sucking the nector during morning. (ID needed)

Blister beetle - Thank you Deepa

Garden Lizard

Dreamway !
I remember reading somewhere that Nannaj has more that 40 species of butterflies. We were quite happy to spot a few during the trip.To ID butterflies, we have taken the help of book written by Kishen Das and his wonderful site Flutters which is quite informative for amateurs like us.
Rounded Pierrot
Lime Butterfly
Plain Cupid ???
Common or Mottled Emmigrant??

Blue Pansy - Male

Blue Pansy - Female

Daniad Eggfly- Male

Danaid Eggfly-Wings Closed
Danaid Eggfly - Female

Striped Pierrot

Painted Lady - wings open
Painted Lady - wings closed
Peacock Pansy- This was basking in the morning Sun
Tiny Grass Blue

Plain Tiger - wings closed

Plain Tiger - wings open
Common Rose - Wings Open

Common Rose - Wings Open
Crimson Rose
Cabbage White??

Grass Yellow - Not sure which sub specie??
Beetle ??? - ID needed

Finally a Moth - Google tells that it's a Crimson speckled Flunkey

Comments and Corrections are welcome :-)
For the account of trip and birding report please follow this link.


  1. Loved the pics, passing the link on to my Buttering-through-Life friend Rohit Girotra! Thank you!


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