Friday, October 07, 2011

Butterfly-ing near Malavalli

Early days of butterflying in our lives, we had a good time with butterflies in between birding near Malavalli, Shimsha :-) A post on birding will come soon. Enjoy the pics. Comments welcome.
Blue Pansy - Wings folded

Blue Pansy - Wings folded

Blue Pansy

Common Pierrot

Plain Orange Tip

Tiger in Malavalli :-)


Another Tiger- This is Striped ......

Pioneer :-) - A perspective (Thank you Rohit Rohit Girotra) 

Baronet Wings folded
And, finally this one! Sum called me to watch this interesting thing as she was taking video. An emigrant was struck in the spider web and soon the spider came, it quickly encircled its prey and I am sure this fella would have enjoyed his lunch for the day. Watch this video and a couple of shoots.

Spider (ID needed) munching on its prey - An emigrant 

Emigrant struck in a spiders web


  1. beautiful photos

  2. keep the energy going :) waiting for birding report

  3. @Krishna:Thank you
    @Chandu: Thank you and nice to see you back :-)

  4. Thank you @ Sandeep @ Seema

  5. God creations on Earth...


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