Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Lonavala - a Photo Essay!

Posting the photos of Lonavala trip which I can count as one of my memorable experiences with the great Indian monsoon so far!


My favorite one!!!!!!!!, On our way back home we had a pit stop at the ICICI bank ATM nearby, where in I spotted this banyan beauty. I am happy to be there at the right spot right time :-)


With plenty of water falls and streams around, its really a treat to watch the GHAT during monsoon.

Curve and the Line
Well maintained roads in the Lonavala valley! Driving down here pouring rains!! hmmmmmmm its is a real pleasure

Valley and the fields

View of lush green fields

Camera: Hand held Minolta(Film)

Check this link for more photos at flickr

Coming Soon: Trekking in the company of Monsoon


  1. maga, good snaps kaNo...nice quality...
    that banyan tree was the suspense ah?? hmmm...quite good! :)

  2. I love the way your photos merge with the background blog template. Cool!


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