Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hampi-Forgotten Empire ... The lost world

Posting this after a visit to Hampi :-), Had very vague memory of Hampi visits during my school days, was in for a suprise after landing @ Hampi during the Annual Hampi Utasava. Hampi Utasava is conducted annually showcase the culture of the region by state government(
Hampi is also World Hetitage site

posting few of images of hampi

View of a mantapa

Virupaksha temple

Lotus Mahal

Sunrise from Matunga parvata

View of TungaBhadra river

Sunday, October 02, 2005

wise words

Was reading a autobiography of kannada writer "Beechi". Few quotes from his book

* No man can talk of himself and still be wise

* I am not at all interesting biographically. I have never killed anybody. Nothing very unusal happened to me - GB Shaw

* God is not my daily food, but I have him only as medicine when my soul is sick - beechi

* All that is composed must be decomposed

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Devil's Advocate

Yesteday had I had to play a mock role as BCC (Banagalore City Corporation) Commissioner in a panel discussion "Bangalore woos or woes" about the infrastructure problems bangalore is facing!. Had to face a volley of questions from fellow panelists, audience ! A very tough job though :-)
Was asking questions to myself that what can an individual do in this regard, few of things which I have started practicing mentioned in previous posts.

* Maintain lane discipline
* Use public transport system as far as possible, agree to the fact that it isnt that great either, but it is getting better in these years though.
* Avoid using autorishwas but for exceptional cases, Hopefully things should smoothen out once authorities come up with a rule that "no autos in bangalore central district"

Planning a trip to coorg during this weekend:-)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Trip to Bandaje Arbi- South Canara

As promised.. ( a very long one though) posting my trekking snaps to bandaje Arbi- South Canara, Karnakata, India.

Route: Overnight drive from bangalore on Bangalore-Mangalore Highway
This place is near Dharmasthala/Ujire which may take 6 to 8 Hrs depending on mode of travel
Base Camp : Good Samaritan Narayan Gowda's house
Beware of : leeches during rainy season :-) when we went there was no sign of any animal there ;-)
Food: Better to carry along, Although you can depend on villagers to some extent

Close view of stream

Morning in the woods.

Sunset from the cliff

One more.. :-)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

First step

Always thought that should develop some good habit which keeps me engaged always. Took up singing last year as part timer :-) This weekend was the first annivesary of our music class. The program was good, better than expectations :-)

Sunday, August 21, 2005

A ticket for Dell please :-)

After getting inspired by my fellow colleague, finally one day I decided to travel to work by BMTC(Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Coroporation- means for public transport in bangalore). This was second such instance where in I choose to travel to office by BMTC, was really in for suprises that day..

as ticket collector approached me for a ticket, hesitantly I asked him to for a ticket to SatyaSai hospital( which is near my office)... then I was really in for suprise. The next guy who took ticket asked "oNdu ticket Dell gE kodi" ( a ticket for Dell please) and the next one got the ticket for "GE" :-) .. Boy! was in for really suprise here! wont be suprised to the bus stops in Bangalore IT world named after software companies :-)

good thing is that a good number of bangalorians using rather beginning to use Public Transport system :-)

Thursday, June 30, 2005

No excuses!

As I look back last year of my life, defly there was a paradigm shift in my attitude towards life/relationship/love etc. As I look back got new buddies and probably looose em too!.. I may sound emotional but thats the fact. Not so very good year at work either:(- . Ny way Life is all about experiences, and there is never a bad experience. you get mature as u go thru with it!

Sounding bit sober :(- ny couldnt figure out any better way to re-start bloggin!

"Tere bina jindagi se koi.. shikva to nahi.. shikva nahi..."

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Odakalu Bimba

been to Girish karnads new play "Odakalu Bimba" last week at Ranga Shankara, play was good as pretty much impressed by the way modern technology was used to convey the message. For those who missed both kannada/english versions, guess they organize for a rerun of the play :-)

well, talking about Ranga Shankara, its he place for theater lovers in Banlgalore built in memory of "Shankar the Boss"

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Been to BigBs latest "Black", a must watch for all,
both BigB and rani have scaled so well.. its really too good.. must watch folks!

I am posting this after some "lull" ;-) so will keep it short and simple.

Warm hug and a great kiss

couldnt post for few days, err..... couple of months to be correct,

been to a school for disabled kids last month with a relative of mine, came thru true wonderful moments of my life when the teacher met her student after a few years of gap! she welcomed with a big hug and a great kiss, never seen such a affection and warmth in my life so far! was really touchy.

wasnt able to put the photos as promised.. will do it shortly ;-)

Thursday, February 03, 2005

@Bandaje Abbi

Never thought that I will start my first blog reporting my favorite activity.. trekkin ;-)
huff...Recently been to Bandaje falls, near Ujire, Dharamastala, Karnataka, one of the toughest treks I have ever done so far ;-) .. Not that I am professional, but whenever I find some time /like minded ppl I do these stuff and this one was a real challenge!

decided to take nature photography seriously!.. well lets c how far this one goes!
valley provided a good opportunity for an amateur like me;-)

Will post more details/snaps in coming days!

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