Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Panna" the Ultimate Drink :-)

I had a chance to savor this ultimate drink during my recent trek to
. As it always happens with me this was planned in the nth minute, after googling different options to spend a weekend nearby Mumbai, Well! I must mention this site here which really had some credible information :-) This site has hosted some real good info on trekking spots in Maharashtra.

Well coming back to my story, after trekking for nearly 2 to 21/2 hours in really hot and humid conditions, we came across a village called Ambivali. After wading through village by lanes, a gentleman at the Hanuman temple asked us in Marathi 'do you need panna' or something. Both me and my friend first said no without really knowing what this man is up to! Then the fella asked in mixed Hindi that do you want "aaam ras". Well we didn’t think much ordered two glasses!

Couple of minutes later we had this wonderful drink called "Panna" which is made of raw mango (which is available at abundance in jungles nearby).. Well I must admit that was the most the amazing drink I ever had...

Thanks to the man from the village :-) Well! On our journey back, I made sure that I went to same house, but then our good old gentleman was not around and his family was also not there :( Apparently they have gone to fetch some water!

Meanwhile we took some rest in the temple nearby. Once the family was back had panna again. Needless to say there were repeat orders from both of us :-)

Few things I noticed about this village

- These folks don’t lock the doors when they are away
- There is no electricity in this village
- Folks have to walk nearly 6-8 km to fetch some water; surprisingly there are water pipes around the village, but no water!

TODO: Still need to post photos :-)


  1. Seeing the title, i was wondering what "Drink" it was :P !! Okie... it's a mango drink!!! Cool...

    Well, yes, even without all those basic amenities like water, electricity, etc, without which we city-dwellers won't be able to spend even a few hours, thse people will be peaceful and contented! And that's what matters... rt?

  2. Well, the ToDo list is still in the ToDo state i guess...... Waiting to see the photos...

  3. Guess Who??

    Thanks.. I wonder at their perseverance.. infact I wanted to have another couple of drinks.. then.. just held it back!


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