Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Random Musings

Just like that yesterday
Called my old pals
Who were my kith and kin
Through my thick and thin

It was just for fun
Some I had forgotten,
Some I didn't talk to
For an year or ten

All of us were lost
In our own worlds
due the paths
that we have chosen

I felt joyous
After the talk
For going back
To those years of fun

It was as if
I had discovered the old ways
Of having fun!
I Only wish, If we kind-a
Go back very often!

Penned this down after I talked to some of my old pals after many years, but what's really good about a 'good' friendship is even though you are speaking with your friends after so many years, you will just pick up from whereever you have left and just continue to talk and keep talking!!!



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